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Kevin M. O’Brien, a contributing author on the financial website Seeking Alpha, has been trading stock options since he was 19 years old. Throughout his years of experience, Mr. O’Brien has always believed that stock options trading has been extremely misunderstood.

He began to take it upon himself to educate others throughout his career, often teaching new traders who have never even traded a stock option before how to do so the right way.

Mr. O’Brien also developed his own strategy for day-trading options, along with a published book titled, “Breakthrough: A Consistent Daily Options Trading Strategy for High Flying Stocks” which is currently available on Amazon.com. This book, with years of exhaustive work, research, back-testing, and diligence, has been somewhat of a game-changer in terms of getting in and out of trades daily, usually with extremely short holding periods. You can also find many of Mr. O’Brien’s articles on this strategy on the website www.seekingalpha.com.

However, there is a lot more to his story, as Mr. Kevin M. O’Brien is extremely well-rounded in many different option strategies, such as earnings trades, weekly trades, intermediate trades, and long-term trades. Mr. O’Brien will use all of them when the right opportunity presents itself.

Outside of the daily options trading strategy, Mr. O’Brien absolutely loves debit spreads that generate very high rewards when used correctly. With Kevin, it is not about the quantity of trades, but the quality, and that is what really separates him from many others in the options industry. Essentially, Mr. O’Brien would rather make two excellent trades than ten mediocre or losing trades during a week. This is what this website and subscription service hope to help you with.

Mr. O’Brien attended Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL and currently resides in San Diego, California.





4 Responses to Biography

  1. Rob says:

    Mr. Obrien,
    I believe I may have left you a question earlier regarding performance. I have an additional question. I’ve had several bad experiences on stock/option newsletters over the last several years that sounded great prior to joining, until I later lost money or didn’t receive what I expected. The biggest issue and the most annoying has been one of transperancy. These services offer you watchlists with several stocks to pick from, and the owner/administrator will always magically appear to own several of the winners, after the fact. They never hold themselves accountable by posting true performance records, or allowing you to follow their trades in real time because that would leave them exposed as to the truth of their winning percentage, p&l, ect. I’m looking for a service that I can learn from, and follow a true proven winner with HIS picks as they are done in real time. Can you advise if you provide this type of service for your subscribers? Thank you,
    Rob Espinosa

    • KOB says:

      Rob- thanks for your interest. My website provides real-time trades. In fact, I have a set-up in the Trading Forum that allows you to receive text messages in real-time once the trade is posted, or you can receive them via e-mail instantly. I am always updating my trades daily and letting the trader know my plan of action and post these results once a position is closed, what the profit/loss is, etc. I post screenshots of my trades, as well, the # of contracts. If you are unhappy with the subscription after one month, I will refund your money with no questions asked.

      • kenny says:

        dear kevin,

        just like bob who had posted before me with his bad experiences with few investment newsletter services, i had several of my own and had foolishly lost more money than i should. although i have limited knowledge in stock/option investing, i can tell that you are an expert in this field. also you seem to be genuine and caring for your subscribers. i will like to try my best to learn your methods and follow your guidance. will beginner option trader like myself still be able to learn, follow, utilize and benefit form your service ?

        thank you very much.



        • KOB says:

          Kenny- yes, even if you are a novice trader, you will still be able to benefit from this site. There is also an “educational” part of the Trading Forum However, it is important that you do have a Level 3 options trading account to trade these strategies. You can send me another message or e-mail if you have any questions.

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