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Each Subscription includes the Following:

The Daily Options Trading Strategy (DOTS): This service provides real time-trade alerts via Skype and Chatzy. Each trading day, I will be on Skype and Chatzy from 7:30 am EST until the markets close for the day. Each time a chart looks to be in a position for a possible trading opportunity, I will provide via text on the chatrooms the ticker symbol, strike price, expiration date, and the sell-to-close price (STC) above what was paid for each contract. For example, if there is an (AAPL) chart that is starting to look promising, I will post, in real-time, this for example: “get a ticket ready on AAPL, using July 95.00 calls, 0.50 STC (sell to close), wait for my go ahead”. This type of post is to ensure that you have that trade ticket ready on (AAPL) with all of the parameters of the trade in place on the trade ticket.

I always always give plenty of time before any trade is placed to ensure you get in the trade in a timely manner. Once the chart, with the Bollinger Bands and the bottom 5 indicators are all aligned to place the trade, I will post: “Make the (AAPL) trade now”. After the order is filled by the broker, the members in the chatroom and myself will post what they paid per contract. This posting of the price paid per contract is beneficial to the entire chatroom, as it shows the average price for everyone trading the security. Generally, since these trades are posted in real-time and these are liquid stocks and options that we are trading, most of the trader’s in the chat have the same average cost (or very close to it). After the position closes out at the recommended sell to close price, this will also be posted.

Throughout the day, there will be many possible trades and trade tickets ready to go. On the same hand, this strategy is based on accuracy, so I am very selective on what I will trade. On an average basis, I would estimate that most trades placed are between 9:40 am EST – 12:00 noon EST. There is usually a little bit of a slowdown during lunch hours on the East Coast Time Zone, but any trade can pop up at anytime. The trading action does pick up around 1:30 pm EST until 3:00 pm EST. I will not make any DOTS trades after 3:00 pm EST.

My subscription service does all of the “work” for you, so to speak. You do not need to be constantly monitoring your computer screen all day. Since I am providing all of the parameters of the trade I am placing and then posting them on the chatrooms in real-time, you can even place these trades on a mobile device while on the go. The DOTS strategy caters to trader’s who like to be in and out of their positions very quickly. This strategy is not swing-trading or for holding trades long-term. The average “hold” time of each trades are generally very short. Tho goal is always to exit the position as soon as possible. If there are any updates or adjustments to the position during each active trade, I will always post these on the chatrooms. On rare occasions, I will keep a position overnight if the trade does not close out during the day, but prefer to close each trade daily.

Once you subscribe, I will e-mail you and ask for your Skype username. I will also send you a link via e-mail to join Chatzy.com, which I use as a supplement/back-up to Skype. Chatzy is very useful on mobile or tablet devices.

The Trading Forum http://kevinmobrien.com/forum/index.php is where I post all all of my Earnings, Weekly, and Long-Term Trades. Once subscribed, I will e-mail you a username and password to access the Forum. I will also need your Skype username for this, as the subscription also includes a live chatroom where I take any questions about the trades and have general conversation about the strategies and trades. This service and these strategies are great for those whose may not have as much time daily to trade the DOTS strategy. Strategies include the Neutral Calendar Spread, the Reverse Iron Condor, the Straddle/Strangle, and long-term Calls and Puts. For each trade, I provide the ticker symbol, expiration dates, strike prices, and a price you should pay for each trade with a maximum limit order. I also provide the Profit/Loss Chart for each trade, the reason for placing each trade, and my expectations, along with a confidence scale (1-10) for each trade. If there are trades where I feel it is a good idea to go more heavy on a particular trade, I will also post this. For earnings trades, I will post a price to close out each trade before the markets open, so you will have plenty of time to get your order in ahead of the bell. For the weekly trades, these are placed on Thursday morning’s (they expire the following Friday), and I will post a price to close out the position once a direction becomes clear. These are neutral-based strategies. These strategies consistently net very large returns and require much less time management than the DOTS strategy. You can choose to receive instant e-mail alerts via the Trading Forum or instant text messages once a trade is posted or any update/comments are posted. You will be constantly up-to-date on all positions and adjustments.

I offer a full money back guarantee after two (2) weeks of trading with the service if you are not happy, no questions asked.
. There are multiple subscription plans available and I provide great discounts on longer-term plans.

Subscription Plans Available

One (1) Month: $119.99
Three (3) Months: $249.99
Six (6) Months: $399.99
One Year: $599.99
Lifetime Subscription: $799.99

If you have any questions, you can e-mail me anytime at: http://kmob79@gmail.com

Thanks again.

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