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35 Responses to Contact Us

  1. kenny says:

    dear kevin,

    thank you for your prompt reply to my email. i have decided to subscribe to your service so please mail me a payment instruction for visa card. by the way, it will be nice if you could grand me the same offer you extended to bob, a refund of money after one month if not happy.

    thank you again,



    • KOB says:

      Kenny- I offer that to anyone. If you’re not happy with the service, then I will always refund your money. No questions asked. There are many payment options open, namely PayPal and a few others, so you should have no trouble doing that. Let me know if you have any issues with that. Thanks again.


  2. kenny says:

    hello kevin

    thanks for all the help.
    i had just subscribed to your service using the discover card.
    l look forward to learning from you!. by the way, i mistakenly provided you with the wrong email address when i made the payment. please re-register my mail address with the one i am using to send this message.

    thanks again.


    • KOB says:

      Thanks, Kenny. I will send you an e-mail to log-in to the mainpage and Trading Forum soon. Let me know if you have any trouble logging in. Thanks again.


  3. Bill says:

    Kevin – Your “Breakthrough” book is currently unavailable on Amazon. How can I get a copy of the book?

    • KOB says:

      Thanks, Bill. Yes, it is currently unavailable because of an uploading issue related to the Kindle. It should be up this weekend. I will e-mail you when it is. Thanks again.


  4. Bill says:

    Thanks, Kevin. I appreciate the response and look forward to the book.

  5. Al says:

    Bought your book a couple of weeks ago on Amazon via Kindle – very impressed with the daily options strategy. Sorry if I’m repeating a question asked by others but I didn’t see this question in the book… Did you ever consider using options on any of index ETFs or leveraged ETFs? Yes, risk, but has the volatility and also trend.

    • KOB says:

      Thanks, Al. I do use the Direxion Gold Miners Bull 3X (NUGT) as a daily trade. Unfortunately, with some of the other ETF’s there is a lack of fair bid/ask spreads, volume, etc. Some others lack volatility and one reason I think the strategy is successful is that by using single stocks, instead of the etf’s, you are spotting true highs and lows. I think many etf’s that have too many holdings to be effective.

  6. Jim Clark says:

    I am a struggling trader, and I am improving – but not quite where I need to be yet. I have been trying to successfully trade options – 1 to 4 day time periods – just simple calls and puts. I also will not take a chance of losing more than I choose to risk. I want to learn to become successful. Learning is critical to me. Have I come to the right place?

    • KOB says:

      That depends on what strategies you like to trade and trading objective. I trade using my daily options trading strategy and also debit spreads for earnings and weekly trades. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  7. Howard Louie says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I have a question about the inverse iron condor. When I try placing some of these trades, I find that the sum of the costs of each of the spreads on both sides of the underlying exceeds the potential gain you get from the difference of the strike prices. For example, I think with Netflix or some other stock, it costs around 300 debit for each spread on each side of the underlying, for a total of 600. But the most you can get from the underlying exceeding the short strike of the inverse iron condor is 500. You can’t even place the trade because the cost is already more than you can ever win. How do you get those great prices on putting on the spread?

    For example, in your December 2011 article you mentioned:

    Weekly Trade #2: SPDR Gold Trust (GLD)

    Buy 10 GLD December Week 2 $167.00 Puts

    Sell 10 GLD December Week 2 $166.00 Puts

    Buy 10 GLD December Week 2 $170.00 Calls

    Sell 10 GLD December Week 2 $171.00Calls

    The bid/ask spread is $0.61-$0.73, so you should be able to get the order filled at $0.68 or less. Here is the profit/loss chart:

    Current Price: $169.76

    However, when I look up the actual price of the inverse iron condor, it’s a lot more than 169. The price actually exceeded the maximum gain I can get from the trade most of the time, for most of the stocks I look at! The only thing I can think of is that the combination is cheaper when they submit it to the exchange, in comparison to the sum of the individual costs of the legs.

    Any insights appreciated,



    • KOB says:

      Howard, I think you may be placing the trade wrong. I would never recommend a trade or strategy where you can’t possibly gain. If you can, send me an example of how you are placing these trades, using Citigroup (C) or (GLD). That way, I can see what is going on. Thanks.

  8. Jason says:

    I wanted to say hi. I read your book Breakthrough and have started trading your system. It’s been working well, I’ve had 5 winners in a row so far. Got stuck on amzn but then got out with a small loss.

    Tried ordering your Bollinger Band book, but it’s not available atm – any idea when?
    Just wondering what you’re take is on trading the indicies with it? Have you had luck trading the SPY with say a $0.06 premium tgt?



  9. BD says:

    Hi Kevin, any idea when A Visual Guide To Day Trading Options……. will be available to purchase?

  10. George Samuelson says:


    A Visual Guide To Day-Trading Options and Stocks Using Bollinger Bands is still not available on Amazon.

    Do you know when it may be available? Very much looking forward to reading this 2nd book about your daily strategy.

    George Samuelson

  11. brian says:

    Hi Kevin,
    you mentioned that you use 5 option express accounts to effectively trade your daily options strategy. My question is regarding you computer setup, do you utilize 5-6 monitors for efficiency? your insight would be greatly appreciated.

    • KOB says:

      Brian, while I know many other traders who do use multiple monitors, I do not do so. The reason being is that I feel that using different tabs keeps the trader active, looking at each grid and remembering what was seen. Also, in my opinion, and I’ve seen it while doing the coaching, is that multiple monitors tend to have a trader focus on one grid where it may look good for a moment, but end up neglecting the other grids, all the while a better opportunity may have already passed. I’m not against using multiple monitors, just not my preference. I also keep each stock on each grid in the same position each day. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks.

  12. Brian says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for getting back to me, it makes a lot of sense to keep yourself alert by actively managing your trading as much as possible.
    I have been implementing this strategy for 3 months on paper and a virtual account and i found it to be highly consistent. With the market shedding much ambiguity as of lately, my only concern is the issue of downside protection when the market experiences a sharp decline. i spotted a few opportunities this past week with oversold situations but the market continued to slide lower. Is there any method you might implement to protect your downside if you took a long position? Thank you for your consideration.

    • KOB says:

      This strategy is extremely consistent. When all 5 indicators hit and the Bollinger Bands are looking good, make the trade. My best year ever using this strategy was in 2008/2009 when the markets were tanking everyday. In fact, I like to see the futures down pre-market, as it tends to bring more call buying opportunities early in the day. I do not use stop losses with this strategy, as there will be times where you might be taken out of a trade even on a small drawdown. If I do have a trade that is down (again, rare) later in the day, I will close it out rather than keep it overnight. You should be hitting at least 95% winners with this strategy when following the rules. Patience is key.

  13. Matt says:

    Hi Kevin! I met you a few months back at my work and again out at Barona. I bought your DOTS book and it has helped me make much better trades.

    Here is my question: What do you do when the Bollinger Band starts to bottleneck and you hold a position?

    • KOB says:

      Hey, Matt, I remember you. Hope all is well. In regards to your question, if it is a daily trade, and the position has taken a while to close out and the Bollinger Bands start to consolidate, I will usually close the position. You don’t want to do this too soon, however, as sometimes these trades take longer than usual.

  14. Doug Price says:

    Hi, I would love to buy your Bollinger book. Anyway besides Amazon to get a copy. I have all your books and love them all. Thanks, Doug

  15. Vik says:

    I have been following your trade log and have read all your books and I think I might be getting into a real deal soon and will probably sign up for your subscription. A few related questions –
    1) Are you still offering the ‘match plan’ for 3 months or longer subscription?
    2) I am thinking of starting with around 15k and was planning to use streaming charts on OXpress (already have an account on OX) but do the actual trading on optionshouse which is also very good with trade execution and other things; just not good charts as OX. What do you think about that?
    3) Do you (as a trader) trade as an individual or as an LLC/S-corp for yourself?


  16. pete says:

    Just checking. Did you receive payment for my subscription?



  17. Michael Loewenthal says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Just finished reading your book, have already set up my chart at OX with your indicators and am ready to start testing your very promising strategy. Question: Since publishing your book several years ago ,have you made any modification to your strategy and are you actively using this strategy on all your day trades when trading live on your subscription based website.
    Also can you please provide an updated list of the stocks you currently trade with their corresponding STC price above entry price. Thanks for your help
    Best Regards

    • KOB says:

      Michael – I am still using the strategy the same way, so nothing has changed except some stocks I have added/removed: Here is the current list:


      Tier 2: BA, BABA, TWTR, CMG, SQ, IBM, GPRO, FIT, V



      Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks again.

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