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The Trading Forum Log-In Page : Earnings, Weekly, Long-Term Trades

Each subscription, in addition to the Daily Options Trading Strategy (DOTS) real-time Skype and Chatzy.com alerts, also includes access to my Trading Forum at http://kevinmobrien.com/forum/index.php . This Trading Forum is for my earnings, weekly, and long-term trades. You can scroll down the page and see the daily schedule of these trades and more information.

All trades and updates posted in the Trading Forum can be received instantly via text  message (SMS) or by e-mail so there is no delay from the time I post and place these trades until the time you receive them!

Once you subscribe, I receive notification of payment and in less than one business day your account will be a activated (usually within an hour). I will send you an e-mail with your log-in username and password to the Trading Forum. I will also ask your Skype handle name so I can add you to that, as well.

Current Schedule for Earnings, Weekly, and Long-Term Trades (Monday- Friday)


  • Possible Neutral Calendar Spread opportunities for the week (these will generally happen on Tuesday).
  • Earnings trades posted


  • Neutral Calendar Spread trades posted early afternoon
  • Earnings trades posted


  • Earnings trades posted
  • Possible Neutral Calendar Spread trades posted


  • Economic Calendar is posted in the Trading Forum/Selections section pre-market
  • Earnings Calendar is posted in the Trading Forum/Selections section pre-market. (I will verify all dates and times are confirmed and accurate).
  • Placing of weekly Reverse Iron Condor trades within the first two hours after the markets open
  • Earnings trades posted


  • Earnings trades posted, if any (including possibilities for the following week)
  • A column on what trades interest me for the following week (longer-term trades, earnings releases, etc.)
  • Earnings trades posted (if any)

Throughout a given week, there will be many trades posted in the Trading Forum/Selections thread. The best way to receive instant alerts is to set-up your e-mail address or your mobile phone to instantly receive text messages whenever there is a trade posted or commented on. This is a great feature and ensures that you will not miss any key trades. I have extremely easy directions on how to do this on my Trading Forum website.

Every Thursday, I will be posting an Economic Calendar and Earnings Calendar in the Trading Forum. I will post this each Thursday morning, pre-market. For each earnings trade, I will post what I like about each trade, past movements, what price I will pay (including the maximum), and other details such as a ratings scale of mine. On trades that I give a 10/10, I will also post  to buy more contracts than usual. Each morning, pre-market, I will post what I am placing my sell-to-close orders are for each trade and update it daily throughout the day if necessary. You will receive these in real-time. No delays.

The emergence of weekly options has really changed the way people can trade. There are endless strategies and opportunities that come along any given week. It is my job to spot the trades that should bring very high returns while exiting as soon as possible.

Every Tuesday, I will go through the list of weekly options and find potential candidates for the Neutral Calendar Spread. Generally, I start my researching on Tuesday morning and will post the trade(s) with at least two hours until the markets close. The Neutral calendar Spread is a strategy that benefits from time-decay, and this is why I wait to place these trades until Tuesday afternoon. It should be noted that these are not earnings related. There will be times where I will use this strategy on Monday’s or Wednesday’s when appropriate.

For each day of the week, I will post any trade that I feel is worth placing, which include long-term trades or others weekly trades. These can happen anytime, so the instant notification really keep you right on top of what I’m trading in real-time.

Thursday morning is the day that I will place my weekly Reverse Iron Condor trades. I choose Thursday because that is when the weekly options open up. Again, these are not earnings trades. They are standard weekly plays. It is a good idea, for the most part, to place these trades within the first two hours after the market opens. Often, the bid/ask spreads are very wide early, but this can actually be beneficial, as you might be able to get filled at a good price.

Subscription Plan Details

You can subscribe at the front of the the home page using  PayPal (you do not need to have a PayPal account to sign-up, accepts all major credit cards) or Amazon.com Payment Processing.

If you have any questions about these strategies and trades, you can e-mail me anytime  at kmob79@gmail.com or info@kevinmobrien.com. I always respond promptly.

Current Rates:

  • A one (1) month subscription — $199.00/month
  • A three (3) Month Subscription — 399.00/Month
  • A six (6) month subscription — $699.00/6 months
  • A twelve (12) month subscription — $999.00/one year

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