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Current Stock Market Volatility and the Daily Options Trading Strategy (DOTS)

The last two days of trading have been very wild in terms of volatility, the ideal situation when using the Daily Options Trading Strategy (DOTS), which I developed in 2001. With market conditions like this, there will always be plenty of opportunities and higher sell-to-close (STC) prices. This strategy performed great during the stock market crash due to the mortgage/bank crisis in 2008-2009, with about 80% of the trades being call options.

Generally, I look for 10% gains per each DOTS trade. For example, if I pay $12.50 per contract, my sell-to-close price will be $1.25, or $13.75 st the price the trade is closed out at.

The strategy uses a five (5) technical indicator system: Bollinger Bands, the Relative Strength Index, the IntraDay Momentum Index, the Money Flow Index, and the Full Stochastic Oscillator.

Here are the trades placed and closed out the last two days (all of these trades were exited extremely fast:

875. Monday, 2/5/18. NVDA at 9:36 am EST. 0.80 STC order above price paid/contract. February 220.00 calls. Paid 14.30 per contract.
876. Monday, 2/5/18. NVDA at 1:21 pm EST. 0.75 STC order above price paid/contract. February 220.00 calls. Paid 13.25 per contract.
877. Tuesday, 2/6/18. BA at 9:55 am EST. 1.00 STC order above price paid/contract. February 340.00 puts. Paid 9.20 per contract.
878. Tuesday, 2/6/18. TSLA at 10:16 am EST. 1.50 STC order above price paid/contract. February 330.00 calls. paid 12.80 per contract.
879. Tuesday, 2/6/18. AAPL at 10:36 am EST. 0.75 STC order above price paid/contract. February 155.00 calls. Paid 4.70 per contract.
880. Tuesday, 2/6/18. TSLA at 1:49 pm EST. 0.60 STC order above price paid/contract (sold a bit too early, later in the trading day). February 330.00 calls. Paid 11.80 per contract.

I am expecting this market volatility to continue for a while, so looking forward plenty of more quick and successful trades ahead. If you are interested in my subscription service, all plans have a guaranteed one week money back guarantee if you are not happy with the subscription.

If you have any questions, you can e-mail me anytime at: kmob79@gmail.com.


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