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Very Volatile Trading Day on Monday, 1/30/17 – Daily Options Trading Strategy (DOTS)

For about a week ahead of the Presidential Inauguration trading was much slower than usual, as was last week. I am always extra careful trading around any event, but especially this one. There was a surprising lack of volatility, and you can’t trade what isn’t there, so it required some patience to spot trades that did come up.

I do expect very volatile markets going forward, however, and there are many reasons for this. This is great for the Daily Options Trading Strategy (DOTS), which is a strategy that takes advantage of highly oversold and overbought securities with the anticipation of exiting the trade a soon as possible.

Today, on Monday 1/30/17, the markets opened down (still are), and there were trading opportunities right after the markets opened, all calls. This had to be taken advantage of using my strategy. You can see these trades and all others on the top of my homepage (Daily Trade Log) that had some really great returns in an extremely short amount of time. Here is the link: http://kevinmobrien.com/?page_id=480

If you have any questions about the strategy or stock options in general, you can e-mail me anytime at: kmob79@gmail.com


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