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Daily Options Trading Strategy (DOTS) – Updated List – 8/30/15

Here is the latest updated list I am using for the Daily Options Trading Strategy  (DOTS) – Current as of 8/30/15.





Live Weekly Trading/Meeting in San Diego, CA – Updated 8/28/15

Live Weekly Trading/Meeting in San Diego, CA – Updated 8/28/15

Now that August is almost over, volatility has picked back up, this is a great time to schedule a weekly meeting with me that includes live trading and teaching. September through May has always provided the best trading opportunities, June through August usually have less.

If you decide to schedule a weekly meeting with me, a lifetime membership to my subscription service is included, along with daily chats on Skype and phone calls whenever you have any questions.

Here is a schedule/summary of what the week entails and provides:

  • The entire week will last from Sunday – Friday afternoon. We will first meet on Sunday afternoon to go over your goals for the week, making sure all of your charts are set-up properly (including the grid views), and go over your past experience trading options and what you feel you need to improve on in regards to trading.
  • Each day of the trading week, Monday – Friday, we will meet at 5:30 am PST. We will go over the daily pre-market news, take a look at each stock on the daily options trading strategy and make sure they are o.k. to trade for that day (checking to see if there are any upgrades/downgrades or other news that may affect trading them, etc). I will show you what websites and news outlets I use daily to find this information.
  • Once the markets open, the trading begins. The entire day and will be teaching you what I’m looking for to make a call or put trade using the DOTS, especially what I’m looking for with the Bollinger Bands and the indicator numbers. Also important are the bid/ask prices, daily volume on the options, and any related market news. For example, if I see a stock like Netflix (NFLX) move up very quickly in a short period of time for no apparent reason, this usually signals that something is going on, possible upgrade, comments by analysts, etc., so this is why it is very important before any daily trade is made to check the news.
  • One other aspect of the daily strategy is the speed of trading, which I will also show you how to do.
  • During the week, there will be a lot of trade tickets ready to go to place these trades. This is where I teach the patience aspect of the strategy and when the right time to make the trade is. I will also teach you the look of specific charts/grid views when there is plenty of time for you to take a break. There is no reason for you to sit at your computer all day without moving around and taking a 15 minute break. The charts I will show you will provide this.
  • When the markets are calm for a period and no trade looks imminent, this is a great time to go over other strategies like the Neutral Calendar Spread, the Reverse Iron Condor, and the Straddle/Strangle. These strategies are great for extra supplemental income in addition to the daily strategy. I like to use these strategies for earnings-based trades, weekly, and long-term trades.
  • There is nothing left out during the week. I will teach you everything I know about stock options, what works and what doesn’t. The live setting provides how I trade in real-time, what I like, and what to avoid. My goal for the week is to have you know these strategies as well as I do. It is very interactive. I get asked often why do I have these meetings for one full week of trading, and not just two days? The reason for this is that every day is different. Monday’s are much different than Thursday’s. This schedule lets you see all of the economic news daily, how it impacts the markets, and how to effectively trade around these news events. Also, having the five full days of trading also provides the earnings and weekly trades. While a lot of these debit spreads are not used by many option traders, I can assure you that you will immediately begin to like trading them. The Neutral Calendar Spread, in particular, is a great strategy that provides very high returns at a minimal cost.

After payment is received, I will e-mail you to confirm the meeting. We will meet at a hotel in the San Diego County area (Carlsbad) each day, which I will book. I have numerous MiFi devices with 4G speed for fast internet connections, and we will set that up on Sunday afternoon.

If you do not make money trading with me for the week, I will gladly refund your money with no questions asked whatsoever. Reduced rate for a limited time, as I do fill these meetings up. I guarantee you will learn more trading with me for a full week that at any seminar, which often only serve to confuse a trader.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at kmob79@gmail.com. Thanks again.

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