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Free Earnings Trade of the Week: Six Flags Entertainment (SIX) – Reports Before the Markets Open 10/26/16

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation (SIX) is scheduled to report earnings before the markets open on Wednesday, 10/26/16.

Last quarter, the stock had the following price movement after reporting earnings:

Jul 27, 2016


Jul 26, 2016


This is one of those trades where the price to place it alone makes it worth trading. Last quarter, (SIX) did not make a significant move at all, and while I am expecting the stock to move more this quarter, the break-even points on the P/L chart using a Neutral Calendar Spread strategy are very wide. The only minor issue regarding this trade is the lack of weekly options. other than that, this is an excellent set-up here. I am still giving this trade a 10/10 if you are able to get the order filled at my recommended price. It will retain value regardless how it moves tomorrow once the markets open.

Here is how the trade is placed:

Entered Trade

Sell -50 SIX Nov16 50 Call

Buy 50 SIX Dec16 50 Call


Option Requirement
Total Requirements
Estimated Commission

0.00 – 0.30. Try to pay 0.20 or less for this trade. At a maximum, pay up to 0.22. See the attachment for the profit/loss chart.

I will post the price to close this trade out tomorrow morning, right before the markets open


Update 1: 10/26/16, 9:25 am EST. – Pre-market, the stock is down $1.25/share. I am placing the price to close this trade out (net credit) at $0.50. I will update any changes here.

Update 2: 10/26/16. 10:10 am EST. This trade is in a good spot. Just need time-decay to kick in. Be patient with the trade. STC still at 0.50.

Update 3: STC *(net credit) now at 0.40

Excellent Week Trading Earnings & The Daily Options Trading Strategy (DOTS)

Is has been a great week so far both with the start of Earnings Season and the Daily Options Trading Strategy (DOTS). Here is the list of DOTS trades so far this week (10/17/16 – 10/20/16):

630. Monday, 10/17/16. AMZN at 9:41 am EST. 1.50 STC order above price paid/contract. November 815.00 calls. Group chat paid an average of 32.85 per contract.
631. Monday, 10/17/16. ULTA at 9:47 am EST. 0.60 STC order above price paid/contract. November 260.00 calls. Paid 7.60 per contract.
632. Tuesday, 10/18/16. TSLA at 1:14 pm EST. 0.70 STC order above price paid/contract. November 195.00 calls. Paid 10.30 per contract. Quick trade.
633. Tuesday, 10/18/16. TSLA at 1:20 pm EST. 2.20 STC order above price paid/contract. November 195.00 calls Paid 9.60 per contract. Used a Trailing Stop.
634. Wednesday, 10/19/16. NUGT at 10:18 am EST. 0.25 STC order above price paid/contract. November 13.00 calls. Paid 2.45 per contract.
635. Wednesday, 10/19/16. ULTA at 10:01 am EST. 0.44 STC order above price paid/contract. November 255.00 calls. Paid 6.16 per contract.
636. Thursday, 10/20/16. BIDU at 9:39 am EST. 0.55 STC order above price paid/contract. November 175.00 calls, Paid 7.75 per contract.
637. Thursday, 10/20/16. TSLA at 9:41 am EST. 0.90 STC order above price paid/contract. November 200.00 calls. Paid 8.75 per contract.
638. Thursday, 10/20/16. AAPL at 10:40 am EST. 0.30 STC order above price paid/contract. November 115.00 calls. Paid 3.90 per contract.

You can see the Daily Trade Log at the top of the page.

As far as earnings, every trade so far this week has been a winner (already closed out). I also placed 3 new Earnings trades today.


Next week is stacked with earnings, one of the biggest weeks really in the next few months. During slow periods today, I was preparing for a busy week next week.

I have reduced the subscription rates during the busy period during earnings season (until October 31st).

If you have any questions, please e-mail me anytime at: kmob79@gmail.com

Thanks again.


Free Earnings Trade of the Week Starts Back Tomorrow

I will be posting a free Earnings Trade of the Week starting tomorrow and will post at least one trade per week here on the website. I will try to post each trade by 11:45 am EST but no later than 2:00 pm EST (depending on the stock/pricing, etc.). There are a lot of companies reporting tomorrow after the markets close, so will definitely have at least few trades to place. Yesterday’s Strangle on Netflix (NFLX), which I mentioned in an earlier post this morning, netted a 150% return on the call side, which I sold already. I still have the put side with one month of time-value.

My trading style is to close out profitable trades as soon as possible, and that was a great trade at a good price to pay at $3.10. I thought when initially looking at different strike prices that it would cost more than that. The pricing of options, and especially on the Straddle/Strangle strategy, are critical to their success.

If you have any questions about options, you can e-mail me at: kmob79@gmail.com


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